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BCF Notes:

DEMO: Monolith NT.LabelFree (Protein - Small Molecule interactions using MicroScale Thermophoresis, MST) by NanoTemper.
Time: 10:00, May. 12th
Place: IBC 409
Speaker: Dr. Zhuo Li Registration MST now!

DEMO: PEAQ ITC (Isothermal titration Calorimeter) by Malvern.
Time: 14:00, May. 16th
Place: IBC 114
Mr. Peter Gimeson
Registration ITC now!

Free Chirascan plus qCD sample tests available for Sinica users only. Limited to first submission of 3 samples using same experimental setup per lab. Please file sample submission form through BCF reservation system or contact Miss Wang at 27855696#4024.

Biacore Antibody workshop
Time: 2017/01/12 (Thu)
Place: IBC 114 & 402
Dr. 許治永, GE
Registration now!

BCF may only collect charges through PI 轉帳系統 or 收支並列系統 before Oct. 31. Therefore, charges of instrument usage, training courses and user certification tests in November and December will be collected next year (2017).

arrowBecause of consumables and annual service contract, the charges for accessing Lovis 2000ME and DMA 5000M are raised in 2017. Please check the BCF 2017 price list.

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title BCF History

The Biophysics Core Facility (BCF) of the Scientific Instrument Center, Academia Sinica, is located in Room 402 in the Institute of Biological Chemistry. Previously known as Molecular Characterization Core, the facility, in operation since 2008, is the home of several state-of-art instruments, providing technical support for facility users in terms of training, scheduling, rworkshops, user certification, trouble shooting and instrument maintenance. To learn about BCF's training courses, please visit our Courses website.

BCF currently houses the following instruments: analytical ultracentrifuge (Beckman XL-I), surface plasmon resonance biosensors (GE Biacore T200), bio-layer interferometer (ForteBIO Octet RED96,), isothermal titration calorimeter (GE MicroCal iTC200), differential scanning calorimeter (TA Nano DSC III, Malvern MicroCal VP-Capillary DSC), dynamic and static light scattering spectrometer (Malvern Zetasizer Nano) and capillary isoelectric focusing platform (ProteinSimple NanoPRO 1000); in addition, on sharing basis, a differential scanning calorimeter (GE MicroCal VP-DSC) with Institute of Physics, a surface plasmon resonance biosensor (Biacore T100) with Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology and an analytical ultracentrifuge (Beckman AUC XL-A) with Institute of Biological Chemistry. In combination of results from each instrument, researchers gain insights into the thermodynamics, kinetics and structural information for interactions of biological molecules.

BCF staff:
Manager: Dr. Shu-Chuan (Chris) Jao 饒淑娟 博士
Assistant: Miss Szuhuan Wang 王思寰 小姐
Tel: 2785-5696 x4024

BCF User Committee members (2017-):
Dr. Chun-Hung Lin (chairman, Institute of Biological Chemistry)
Dr. Cheng-Hsun Ho (Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center)
Dr. Kuo-Chiang Hsia (Institute of Molecular Biology)
Dr. Jen-Tse Joseph Huang (Institute of Chemistry)
Dr. Tsung-Lin Li (Genomics Research Center)
Dr. Shih-Long Tu (Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology)
Dr. Shi-Bing Yang (Institute of BioMedical Sciences)


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